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Dog Blood Donors, Questions ...

Please contact us if you have a question that isn't included here.

How much does it cost to join? is free to join.
You will not be charged for using this website.

If it's free to join, how are you funded?

Click »here« for information on our funding.

Can I charge for donating my dog's blood?

Traditionally, donations are made without payment although, sometimes, a gesture of goodwill may be offered by the veterinary practice taking the blood. This is not something, the Animal Blood Register can oversee and is a matter for the owner of the donor and the practice.

A vet has contacted me but I've changed my mind, can I cancel?

You are entirely within your rights to refuse a blood donation from your dog. If you have agreed to a donation but can not or do not wish to proceed please inform the vet as soon as possible, he/she may be relying on you.

Is this a blood bank?

This is not a blood bank. We provide contact information of owners with potential dog blood donors to veterinary practitioners. Vets make their own arrangements directly with the pet owners.

My pet survived thanks to a donor found here, how can I help you?

We'd like to hear from everyone who benefits from our service! Perhaps we could even publish your story here at You could also help us by promoting our service: tell a friend or if you have a web page place a link to our site.

There are practical ways you could help too. It's important to have as many blood typed dogs registered as possible. Would you consider reimbursing a vet for a blood test, they're quite inexpensive?

My dog NEEDS blood, is the transfusion free?

Vets do not usually make a profit out of the blood that is donated, but the mechanics of arranging and delivering a transfusion are time-consuming and involve a certain amount of expense. There is, therefore, usually a charge made for administering a blood transfusion to a patient.

Can you tell me more about the actual donations?

You can find a brief description of a dog blood donation here.

How do I know this person is a real vet?

I've added my pet and someone called me to arrange a donation, how do I know this person is a real vet?

We take steps to ensure only qualified vets can use our website. However, if you are in doubt you should note that all vets using our facilities must belong to a practice. You can verify his/her identity by calling the practice directly if you wish.

HINT: There are lots of directory style websites on-line where you can get independent contact information, just search at google or Yahoo. Also: at our website, when a vet requests your contact details they must open a "Contact Ticket", while the ticket is open you can view the practice details we have recorded. These include contact phone numbers etc.

I've added my dog but no vets have made contact?

There may be many reasons. When a vet searches our listings he/she needs to contact owners of pets that best meet their requirements.

Location is an important factor too. It's natural to assume vets will first seek donors in their town or region. If vets in your location have no need it may take quite a while, perhaps never. We're sure all the vets who use our website appreciate your commitment.

I work for an organisation with many animals, can I add them?

Yes please. In fact, you can add as many as you'd like using the owners consol. Note, for simplicity of terms "keepers, breeders and handlers" are equivalent to owners and use the normal owners consol to manage the contact information etc.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the appropriate official at your organisation approves before adding any animals. He/She is always welcome to contact us for more information.